STRENGTH Every 3 Minutes for 15 Minutes 200 Meter Row 2 Squat Clean Thruster Increasing weight each set Metcon “Jackie” 1000 Meter Row 50 Thrusters...
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So we’re going to take advantage of the brief warmer weather and run a little. If you’re at all uncomfortable running, sub out one of...
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Let’s stick with the 5 station 40 minute format another week. We have two new movements. The renegade row push-up and the hanging knee circle....
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Guys, check out this video and read the instructions. Hands touch the ground, soles of the feet together, shoulders above hips and spine extended at...
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Alright everyone! The Open is over. It was an amazing 5 weeks full of incredible performances and amazing support. Huge thanks to all the people...
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